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How to Structure Your Sales Kickoff Schedule- Infographic

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Make Your Sales Kickoff Count This Year

By Katie Coalson FridayOct 26, 2018 3:12:44 PM messaging, business, creating value, value, selling, sales, General
It’s that time of the year again where everyone is starting to plan the new year’s sales kickoff(SKO). You’ve got new goals to make, product updates to launch, and new sales processes to explain. You might be asking, “What do my r[...]
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First Call Checklist- Infographic

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Why Your New Hires Aren't Succeeding

Across all firms, new hire salespeople make up 10% of the average headcount in a company. According to a salesperson on-boarding study by the Sales Management Association, only 55% of these salespeople are successful 24 months fro[...]
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Q&A With MasterMessaging Founder

David Kurkjian, the founder of MasterMessaging, was recently on the Dana Barrett Show to talk about his experience as a new business owner. If you’d like to listen to the clip, click HERE.
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How to Break Free From the Sellers Apathy Loop

In a recent buyer’s preferences study by CSO Insights, researchers highlight how buyers perceive salespeople and what they wish they would do differently and more consistently. What they found is that buyers want salespeople to un[...]
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Two Levers to Lift Revenue

Increasing revenue and profitability may be difficult but are not complicated. The simplest approach with the least risk involves elevating conversion rates, lead volume, or both without increasing your sales costs.
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5 Techniques to Hook Your Audience's Attention

Your audience needs your help to keep their attention on you.
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Keep Your Audience Engaged With this Simple Trick

It’s hard to communicate what you’re offering if you can’t keep your audience’s attention for more than 10 minutes.  
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Why Your Reps Are Blowing THE Most Important Sales Conversation

The most important sales conversation that your reps are having with your prospects is the first one.
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